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Our flagship course which has changed the lives of thousands. The original you is still in there...

An always-growing collection of online courses from teachers all over the world.

A 90-day connection experience to reboot, recalibrate and reinvent your life using everything you’ve already built, bought, created and gathered… implementing a better way to be alive. Starts 1-11-2018, but you can join anytime!

Do you love to write? Or do you WANT to love to write? Is it time for you to get your story down on paper? And…do you love the mountains? I want to help you take your experiences and turn them into an epic story.

A quiet word -- melody's weekly newsletter. A little reprieve from the noise and chaos of the week, and some free soulwork tools in your inbox, every Friday.

A live retreat. THE WALK, a life-changing online course by Melody Ross, has been taken by thousands all over the world. Now, for the first time ever, we are joining together to work through this course live and in person... and we're doing it in the most beautiful setting we know.

The story of Melody & Marq's marriage... from legendary love and an international business, to the hell of a traumatic brain injury. This is the road that brought about Brave Girls Club.

A completely free worldwide gathering of women! Join us in the Facebook group--and small live groups all over the globe--and let's connect.

A 4-day retreat for men based on our life-changing Soul Restoration course.

Our annual convention featuring incredible speakers, world-class entertainment, and endless fun.

Our online store, where you'll find beautiful gifts, supplies, and tools for leading a meaningful life.

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